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October 29, 2016


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Trump wants to #DrainTheSwamp which includes everyone that doesn't bow down to Prez Trump http://www.slate.com/blogs/lexicon_valley/2016/10/26/why_do_trump_and_his_supports_keep_talking_about_draining_the_swamp.html

He is extremely dangerous, BPD, narcissistic, nasty and just may be as perverted as Bill Clinton, both friends with Jeffrey Epstein.

He's Hitler 2.0 to Hillary's Stalin 2.0.

Both spell the end of freedom.

Yvonne DiVita

Wow... Hillary is a menace.

Well, let me say this, as a woman who was sexually assaulted, a woman who has fought tooth and nail to get where she is today, a woman who has been dismissed and harassed through almost every JOB she ever held, I object to your characterization of Hillary, of Liberals, and of Democrats.

Clearly, you are looking at only one or two you may have met in your life.

I have lived the bullying, over and over, by both men and women...and the ONLY candidate running today who can stop that for the women and children in America, is Hillary.

Not Cruz, who wants to DENY me my rights as a woman, nor Rubio, nor the independent candidates, and certainly not Trump...who is the epitome of everything I have ever suffered in my entire life.

I am sorry you cannot see the reality of a Trump presidency, because that's what you did when you voted for a third party.

I am sorry you have allowed the GOP propaganda to convince you there is a smoking gun. Really? Only the one Trump is holding... his relationship with Putin puts this country in far more danger than a Hillary presidency.

It's so sad that so many people prefer to malign her...
rather than SEE him for what he is... and know that he will be the ruin of us all.


Kiril Kundurazieff

My friend, there is so much I could write, in response to your anger and if this had occurred during the 1st 5 years of my blogging career, on my original blog, I would have had a field day, links and all, trying to earnestly persuade you of the error of your thinking.

I could have just deleted your comment and replied by email, or on Facebook, where we have had a friendly back and forth this week...

But, to update something I wrote in my last post on that old blog (still to be found and even commented on to this day) in Oct.2007...

"The Blogosphere has grown, and evolved, and so have I.

Change is good.

So is Evolution.

I became a Blogger in May 2002, and over the years writing on that Blog allowed me to share the news, and share my opinions, and my life and all my interests from cats to genealogy and beyond.

Thru that Blog, and my old Bike Blog, and later my cat blog and this current blog, I re-discovered a talent for poetry, and Creative Writing, and amateur journalism, and I discovered the courage to change my life for the better, a journey that had begun in 1998, and is a work in progress.

I came to accept that there are far more people, with larger audiences, more resources, and more time on their hands, to spread the word, and fight the Blog Fight with regards to issues such as Illegal Immigration, the Muslim Threat, the economy, the culture, faith, the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Elections, and the future of America incumbent on the 2016 outcome, than I, and that the best thing for me, and my growth, as a person, and a writer, was to move on and focus on all my other interests."

I WILL say this...I began voting in 1978 as a Democrat then 1980 as a Reagan Democrat, and was an OC (Original Clintonista) in the early 90's (I have a photo of a shirtless me, raising a coke in tribute, sitting on the ground in a park where Bill was giving a campaign speech when he first ran) before an evolution in my politics began to occur and I eventually became a Conservative Republican.

The number of Liberals, Progressives, Socialists and Radicals I have known, and read, is far more than one can count on 2 hands and 2 feet, trust me, hee, hee!

A pack of Progressives welcomed me to the internet and re-awakened my creativity, and a radical Socialist helped me discover my poetic skill before he publicly tried to shame me over a blog post I wrote that he disagreed with and I moved on.

I have Liberal, Progressive, and Socialist friends in the blogging world... and a close Liberal friend that I and 2 Conservative friends have been in nearly daily correspondence with for 15 years...such things are possible when you agree to disagree, as you know.

I have a relative who justified working for Planned Parenthood based on the fact she worked behind the scenes as a paper pusher in a clinic and not on the medical side performing abortions.

I have had Gay friends since the 80's, one of whom was an early Aids activist (He died of Cancer and Aids and was the stereotype come to life of the "Sissy") and one of whom was a dignified older black man who had to stay closeted until he died due to his very public career (as a book/mag seller I saw up close the lengths he went to hide this side of his life every week for 17 years), and have 2 Transgender friends, one from each side of the sexual orientation aisle.

I used to listen to Liberal Talk Radio and subscribed to several prominent Progressive magazines way back when.

I have forgotten more about the dangers of Liberalism, Progressivism and Socialism, than most ordinary Democrats and Liberals even are aware of because I made it my business to educate myself and not be afraid to read, watch and listen to information that challenged me to think for myself.

Which brings me back to how I ended my blog post, above...

"I have serious concerns about Trump and many of those who follow him and where those people, if unchecked, could lead the nation...

Yes, Hillary is a menace to America, but I am not convinced Trumpism is the answer either.

Voting for Trump as a sort of "damage control", once we get our guy in we can put folks around him who can help guide him, sort of thing, opens up a whole 'nother can of worms...especially if you turn out to be wrong in the assumption that he is someone you can mold to your liking."

In the aftermath of this election I may find reason to share my thoughts on the issues of the day again on this, the Mad Macedonian blog, like I used to a decade ago on my first blog, but I am very rusty and hope whoever gets in doesn't give me reason to shake off that rust and return to doing more than share my thoughts on Facebook and Twitter. :-D

Thank you for your friendship and encouragement of my creativity and cat blogging...It means a lot to me.

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