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February 09, 2015


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cute cats


Wow! How interesting! I really hope you'll post updates to this. I am fascinated by this. Are you allowed to paint anything? Are you allowed to change the carpet or color or anything? Do you plan on adding color in some way? Please tell us more about your bookcase situation. Did you used to have one? What size are you looking for? Silly question, but have you already checked with the Houston ResTore? http://houstonhabitat.org/restore/

Kiril Kundurazieff

I might be able to paint the walls but don't intend to because I can't be around all day to make sure the cats don't do a taste test. :-D

There are things I can do, as time goes by, and funds become available, to make the place nicer.

I can't change the carpet, but might decide to put a rug down at some point, for some color.

My 3 flags and a couple of plaques have added color and a new blanket for the bed, at some point, would replace the faded one I now have.

Colorful table cloths for my 2 tables are also considerations.

I also have hopes of someday maybe adding some sort of comfortable seating in the limited carpeted space by the door/foot of bed, so I can relax and read instead of sitting at my 2 tables.

I want more stable, wider, lighting in the living area, as well.

As for bookshelves....

I had 5 large bookshelves, bought from Ikea, at my old place, but it was too difficult to move them and even one would have been too wide for my available space the way I am able to set things up.

As you can see there are spots for placement, along the walls by the bathroom & walk-in closet and under the TX flag.

I could find 2 22w x 68h shelves or one of those dimensions and something along the lines of 36hw x 80h

In the corner, by the flags & cat tower, is a 24w x 60h space.

I had never heard of Houston Restore, but will check it out as well as the bigger Goodwill stores and other, similar places.


Thank you for your detailed replies. There is still a lot I don't know or understand about this new apt., but you being the inspiration that you are, I know you will address those inconveniences in time.

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