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September 11, 2013


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I love the detailed thought and analysis that went into this blog post. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to parse through things in order to come to some sort of conclusion.

I don't necessarily agree that you "settled." The economy being what it is, a job is needed to pay the bills. Period. I am thrilled for you!

I'm bothered that you are allowing technology or lack of knowledge to hold you back on your dreams of publication (or are those my dreams that I've thrust upon you?). Literally, there are a million ways of doing things. There are many wonderful, kind-hearted mentors out there who are standing by waiting to help. Some folks charge a fee for that service, others simply want to help.

Knowing what a vibrant community of writers is available to you through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Goodreads, BlogPaws, etc., I'm disappointed that you haven't reached out and asked for help. Or have you, and maybe I just didn't know about it?

As I see things from my perspective, your first action item should be to save all of your cycling dude blog posts to an MS Word file (as we did back in January 2013) and start the tedious but necessary process of creating a clickable TOC. (It's a lot of administrative work, but the result will astound you and help you get in gear.)

Once that is done, you should begin to separate your blog posts into categories. You have something like 20 - 30 active categories on the cycling dude? In my opinion, each category merits its own book. With your rich photography and trademark sense of humor, that's a total of 20 - 30 awesome SHORT BOOKS published by Kiril Kundurazieff!

Once again, I ask you to please ask God for guidance on your next steps. And please, by all means, ask for help from fellow bloggers. Nina Amir can help. Linda Austin can help. Even your close-by pal Marilyn Smith can help edit and teach you some basic grammar tips.

Please do your best to stop hesitating so much. Enough already. You've found yourself, blah blah blah. Now go do what you do best - write! (And edit...)

Kiril Kundurazieff

So much to respond to, my friend.

For days my new job kept me from reading this, or maybe I was a little afraid to, but you have again given me encouragement, and I thank you.

For now let me just say that you have not thrust anything upon me. I've always wanted to do more than be just a blogger, and also do something with my years of material. Not knowing how was only part of it.

My reluctance to reach, and lack of knowledge about reaching, out for help is rooted in my years growing up.

When you can't afford, or think you can't afford something you learn to do without, though credit cards have helped, and it almost becomes ingrained in you.

My Mom hated accepting food stamps the whole time she used them as I was growing up. She accepted help from neighbors because she was able to help in return in very concrete ways.

My form of that last has been to share the links to the websites of those who have helped me, even though I knew few would ever read my stories and go to their sites.

Plus, before getting a computer I was pretty much a loner, and even 15 years, and many friends and experiences, later, including auctions for the cats, financial sponsorships, header, badge, and business card designs, attending conferences and events, that side of me can sometimes still crop up.

A new friend, here, the lady who feeds the apartment strays, has encouraged to me seek out a new vet she highly recommends, and has offered to drive me there tomorrow, for free comprehensive 1st time check-ups, so I have had all their records transferred.

She is also giving me an electronic drinking fountain for the cats that she doesn't use, and some extra canned goods, and pasta she has.

Over the past year there have been a few times where I have given her extra unopened cans of cat food Nikita stopped eating.

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