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December 12, 2011


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Prayer is good as is getting to know God's plan for you.

Although I differ from you theologically, I can definitely say you are loved.


Both the prayer and the "Thoughts to Start the Day" give me much to think about, especially after such an intense period of music and art shows.

It's a good time to reflect.


We love the Creative Writer's Prayer!

And the photos... Dad Kiril was in a very inspirational place!

Love & Purrs,

Mom ML & KC & Kitties


Great post.

I am going to go re-work the Artist's Way Workbook in the new year.

It is a wonderful source.

Thanks for reminding me!

A Facebook User

This is a lovely prayer that resonates deeply.

I had not expected to receive such a gift when I clicked through to this page this morning, seemingly through a series of random meanderings, as if by chance.

Thank you for creating it, and sharing it.

Jo Ann J. A. Jordan

I hope you are living according to your prayer.

You will accomplish much if so.

Wonderful thoughtful writing...

Sharmaine Hobbs

I found this prayer last night and it blessed me so.

It reminded me of my own writer's prayer.

It moved me and I plan to use it along with mine.

Thank you for such a sacred offering for each of us who have been called to write.



thank you for sharing, I needed this today

Mary Ann

I am about to begin a writer's workshop for seniors through our church's Senior Fellowship ministry. As I was looking for a prayer to launch our workshop, I found your page and A Creative Writer's Prayer. I can't wait to share your beautiful words with my participants as they embark on their own writing journey. Thank you for sharing and being open to God working in your life.

Kiril Kundurazieff

Dear Mary Ann

Oh, wow....I needed to see this, and I apologize for taking so long to respond.

I thank you so much for the kind words, and the reminder that God gave me my creativity for reasons He best knows, and though times have been difficult for me the past couple years, and few seem to read, and share, my efforts, people DO in ways I have no clue about.

I have struggled to re-discover my creative juice, and find time to regularly post like I (and my cats, hee, hee!) used to, and you remind me to not give up, and Trust in God.

Somehow, things will work out in ways I can't imagine right now.

Thank you for finding my poem worth sharing, and being an inspiration to others.

I hope the reading of my poem went over well, with your Workshop, and folks didn't go running out of the room. :-D

Take care...

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