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August 18, 2009


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I can call my self half Russian because my Great Grandfather was born there, but that doesn't make me Russian if I have never visited the place, nor lived there, now does it?


Seriously I cannot understand how you can call yourself Macedonian and not know what any of the above mean, or most of it anyway.

Kiril The Mad Macedonian

Dear Omo & Robert:

Thank You for your comments!

My 1st response is to announce that I just completed the quiz "Are you Macedonian in your heart?", on Facebook, and this very authoritative, scientific, survey seems to effectively rebut your doubts about my Macedonianess with the result MAKEDON.


"You are Truth Macedonian Lion, Proud to be Macedonian in your heart.

The blood of great Macedonians runs through veins.

You are real example how we should love our homeland.

Your place is next to Alexander the Great, Goce Delcev, Toshe Proeski and many other fighters for Macedonian rights.

Keep it that way..."

So THERE! Hee, hee! ;-D

Seriously...I am Half-Macedonian, don't speak, or read the language, and am mostly ignorant of the history, culture, music, food, and customs of the Homeland of my Father but, just like the descendants of immigrants of the past, from England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Italy, France, Russia, Japan, The Middle East (Jew & Arab), and Mexico, all of whom celebrate their heritages in various ways, large and small, from decades old Festivals and Parades, Restaurants, Cafes, Delis, Markets, and Newspapers, to websites and blogs devoted to their Ethnic Heritages, the blood of my Forefathers runs in my veins, and I am damn well proud of it, and willing to learn more the best way I can.

My Father made the choice not to teach me his language, culture, and history because he was in America, and it was the land of his children, and he wanted us to become the Americans that he could never be.

We can argue the merits of this decision all day long, but he believed in assimilation into his new homeland as best as he could, and that meant letting his children be all American.

Would he have done more, would we have asked more, as we became teens, and adults?

We will never know, as his mental illness, in 1969 (When I was 9, amd my sisters 4, and 1) changed his life, and ours, for the next 19 years, until he died.

I'm reading books, and visiting websites, now, and am looking for opportunities to eat out at Macedonian, and Bulgarian, eateries, and maybe try cooking recipes, but it looks like I will have to settle for Greek, and Croat, restaurants, and cafes, and I hope to find Instrumental recordings from the region, as songs, without English Translation, would be difficult to appreciate.

I'm Kiril "The Mad Macedonian" and the blood of Macedonia runs through my veins. ;-D


***A correction to the above translated terms:

Just to clear things up a bit.

Tengere is a Pot, literally a pot, not a pan or polish tupperware.

Sirenje is indeed feta cheese, goat cheese is called Kozjo sirenje.

Vlecki means Slippers, no wolen woolen underwear.

Underwear are called "gajki" or Gasti, depending from which side of the counrty you're from.

Overall, lots of good stuff here.


Vlecki are slippers, not underwear.


You forgot the most important translation.

Promaja = a draft.

They are mad on that shit...

All the windows, and doors will be shut...yet there is still Promaja!


I am 100% first genertion Macedonian.

Yes I cracked up reading this.

Sorry bout your Fathers mental illness.


I'm half Macedonian as well and dad from Australia.

I am 31 and can tell u I was shocked u didn't know the words.
I'm proud of my nationality and my dedo was like my dad. He has passed and I've never been so lost.

I learnt it all with him and even helped him on computer to look at stuff and long lost family up. My dad's dad was from England n his mum from Australia. Where my mum side is full Macedonian.

So I am an Australia but I feel more Macedonian than Aussie.
I love that I can teach my kids Macedonian well, what I have retained which is all of the above word and heaps more. I understand it fluently.

I will always be proud and so will my kids. My dedo spirit will live on in me.

Jess from Perth


wow every single thing mentioned above I can relate to so much I laughed historically, sadly over the past five years I lost both my grand parents.And lost the last connection to my heritage. I never learnt Macedonian properly I could only speak very basic phrases in the language because my dad never taught me.
I try to learn as much as possible over the years and try to do so even more now because of the passing of grandparents.

Great read so relatable :)


Debra Saricos

Just happened to run across this comment and found it
very interesting.
My husband is first generation born US to
a father from Macedonia/Greece and mother from Macedonia.
What used to be anyway... they met learning to speak English in night school!

So I can do relate!

Lela Kubrikova

And you should be Makedonian?

Jesus Christ, I am Slovak with Serbian husband and we're more makedonian than you, lol

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